Testament of Loving Father


Pious Joseph

            St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara is a holy catholic priest who is the first canonized male saint of Indian origin from the land of Kerala. He was not only holy priest and but also a social reformer who had tirelessly worked and dedicated his entire life for the people of the ninetieth centaury. He was had also contributed to the society through his literary works. Among these one such literary contribution was for the renewal of the family, which is the basic unit of the Church that Saint Chavara, gave the greatest emphasis. He tried to renew families through regular Sunday sermons and parish retreats. ‘The Testament of a Loving Father” (Chavarul) of Saint Chavara is a guiding light for the families even today.

            According to Saint Chavara a Christian family can be defined in the following sentences. He says: A good Christian family is similar to heaven. It is a community of people joined together by a bond of blood and love, where the members manifest respect and obedience to elders and walk in peace with the Lord and the people, and seek to attain eternal salvation, living peacefully according to his proper state of life.

            The Testament of a Loving Father or Chavarul is a collection of sayings or advices of Saint Chavara for families especially for the parents and for the children to lead a pleasant and holy life.